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CODiLOG: a coaching program for the implementation of a qualified lead generation strategy

Presentation of the company

CODiLOG is a key player in the SAP market. CODiLOG supports its customers from consulting to outsourcing (TMA and TME) through evolution and transformation projects. CODiLOG works on all SAP solutions, including ERP, SRM, CRM, PI/PO, workflow and innovative components (Fiori, UX, S/4HANA, Success Factors, etc.).



Type of business

Consulting in computer systems and software

Company size

300+ employees

Initial need

CODiLOG's objective was to structure its digital marketing strategy in order to accelerate its traffic acquisition and lead generation through the web. The marketing team naturally turned to the Inbound approach and the HubSpot platform to set up their campaigns.

In order to ensure a quick and efficient introduction to the Inbound methodology and their new HubSpot tool, CODiLOG decided to call on DigitaWeb for its expertise and skills on these two subjects. CODiLOG wanted to benefit from the support of a dedicated consultant who could provide them with both his experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals.


CODiLOG asked our agency for support from a dedicated consultant.


Assistance with the deployment and configuration of the Hubspot platform and training of the teams for the appropriation and the fast handling of the new tool
Strategic workshops (Optimization of personas, definition of the buyer's journey, content strategy, brand positioning) and operational workshops (implementation of leadgen devices, promotional campaigns and marketing quick wins)
Conducting SEO and HubSpot Marketing portal audits to identify opportunities and areas for improvement
Creation of landing page and thank you page templates and creation of a case study playbook


The support of CODiLOG by one of our consultants has generated positive results:


Average conversion rate of landing pages

The best performing conversion pages reach more than 30%


Leads generated in a year

Lead generation has been growing well

Skills acquired by the CODiLOG team

We offer a program of trainings and workshops for a progressive, effective and personalized increase in team skills.



Getting to grips with the HubSpot tool with the implementation of structured marketing automation devices and improved marketing and sales reporting

Inbound Strategy

Clear definition of the target audience (persona) and structuring of the strategy to adopt (Buyer's Journey)

Lead generation

Deployment of quality and efficient conversion tools (CTA, landing page, form)

Experts available and ready to listen

" Thank you to the Digitaweb teams for their support and availability over the last few months. We were able to discuss many topics: audit, buyer persona, content mapping, lead gen ... which allowed us to be more structured in our marketing approaches.


We are satisfied with HubSpot and wish to perpetuate our exchanges with DigitaWeb "

Julie Duvernois - CODiLOG

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