Evangelize an audience and generate leads through Inbound Marketin

Présentation of the company

Ekodev is a consulting and services agency specialized in Sustainable Development. It supports companies in their approach and implementation through concrete actions.



Type of activity

Consulting firm

Company size

+20 employees

Initial need

For the launch of EKOPDM, its software solution to support the implementation of a Mobility Plan, ekodev wanted to implement a targeted marketing strategy. As the first player in its market to offer this type of tool, Ekodev chose Inbound Marketing to raise awareness among companies on this regulatory subject and to find potential customers for its solution.


To meet this particular need, our agency has set up various marketing action :


Deployment of several conversion funnels for decision-makers (CEO, CSR, HRD)
Initiation of an ABM strategy to reach a specific target audience and raise their awareness on a little known or little considered subject.
Implementation of boost campaigns on various channels: email, Google Ads, co-branding with a well-known brand (BlaBlaCar), to accelerate lead generation.
Creation of a Case Study Playbook to diversify the audience reached by marketing and segment leads according to their specific needs.


The deployment of the system has led to significant results in the lead generation and qualification process :


Qualified contacts

Lead generation increased in 5 months thanks to the combination of the Inbound Marketing strategy and a SEA (Google Ads) campaign.


Average landing page conversion rate

The quality of the content offered and the leadgen system put in place helped to improve the rate of conversion of visitors into leads.


New contacts

The creation of a client case study playbook has enabled us to reach a wider audience and greatly increase lead generation.

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