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Boost your lead acquisition

Phase goal: To feed your conversion funnel with new qualified prospects.

SEO - SEA - Content Marketing - Social Media & Ads - eMailing - Growth hacking


Reach Escape Velocity
Boost your acquisition

The attention of Internet users is an increasingly rare commodity. Attracting the attention of your future customers requires original and high value-added content, combined with targeted and continuous publication.

We help you to develop and diversify your lead acquisition channels, as well as to build a content marketing strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd.



Natural referencing (or SEO) is unquestionably the most powerful lever of acquisition ... but you are not alone in knowing it!

We help you invest in the right keywords to gain strategic positions in search results (SERPs).



Buying keywords or Display on Google has become as simple as "Hello". The return on investment is much less.

We optimize your pay-per-click campaigns to improve your results and reduce your acquisition cost.


Content marketing

Content is the fuel for your propulsion.

Blog articles, social publications, downloadable content, computer graphics, videos... We work with you to develop content that attracts and engages your potential customers.


Social Media

Social networks are a great place to share your content in a targeted way. But they are also valuable for searching and prospecting potential customers thanks to the information available in their profiles.

We help you take advantage of the many features offered by social networks to find your prospects and engage the conversation.


Social Ads

As you may have noticed, the natural impact of social publications tends to decrease. On the other hand, the algorithms of the advertising platforms of the main social networks have matured... and it's not a bad idea to take advantage of them.

We help you boost the reach of your publications and optimize your Social Ads budget.



Who said eMail Marketing was dead?

We help you capture the attention of your target audience with targeted, personalized and relevant email campaigns. Like you, your potential customers are likely to check their inboxes several times a day.


Growth Hacking

What if the Web was your database?

We help you identify the opportunities that are sleeping on the Web space to capture new prospects. You may be just a piece of code away from a gold mine!

They talk about us (well)

" DigitaWeb has multiple expertises that allowed us to successfully integrate HubSpot and our Inbound Marketing strategy.

We really appreciated the quality of our exchanges and the team's involvement! "

Florent Chouvet, Head of Digital Marketing - Manpower


How to Reach Escape Velocity (French version only)

A guide to help your business take the next step and apply the Escape Velocity Method now.

For each of the 4 elements of the REV method, this e-book delivers a roadmap, quickly applicable best practices and time-saving tools.


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