Support in the deployment of an Inbound Marketing strategy  

Presentation of company

As a firm specialising in variable pay and motivational efficiency, Primeum offers global solutions focused on variable pay from diagnosis to implementation, including the design of effective, controlled and sustainable bonus schemes.



Type of activity

Consulting firm

Company size

+ 40 employees

Initial need

Two years earlier, Primeum had launched a content marketing strategy with increasing traffic on its website but wanted to generate more leads by structuring its inbound approach and marketing campaigns.

Primeum also had a marketing department productivity problem with the multiplication of tools for managing and steering marketing campaigns and wanted to rationalise its approach by implementing an all-in-one tool: Hubspot. The objective was to refocus its content strategy on the issues of its target audience in order to generate qualified leads and more conversions.


In order to meet Primeum's challenges, our agency has deployed a support system :


Redesign of the website strong within the Hubspot CMS with support for the deployment of a new Hubspot marketing tool.
Training of the marketing team to make it easier for them to get to grips with the platform and increase their skills on specific subjects (RGPD, email).
Workshops with a consultant for the elaboration of the Inbound Marketing strategy for a persona.
Accompaniment by a consultant on the creation of a complete conversion tunnel through workshops and a personalized follow-up.


Thanks to our support, Primeum has been able to observe a significant improvement in its marketing performance :

12 000

Visitors per month on the website

The website grew from 6,000 visitors per month to over 12,000 visitors in one year.


Leads generated per month

Lead generation has experienced strong growth.



The work around the content on web pages and blog articles has enabled us to move from a positioning on 51 keywords to more than 700 keywords.

Skills acquired by the Primeum team

Our method naturally follows a candidate's journey through the 4 steps that characterize the actions of a future employee wishing to join you.



SEO re-organization of the contents around thematic pillars

Conversion devices

Implementation of quality conversion devices (CTA, landing page, form)

Marketing Scenario

Structuring of powerful marketing automation scenarios (contents, segmentation, parameterization).

I loved working with Digitaweb.

" The DigitaWeb team was very responsive !


They set up a personalized support to help us redesign our Inbound Marketing approach." 

Côme Lagarrigue - Primeum

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