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Establish your Flight Plan

Objective of the phase : To accurately identify your target audience and develop your conquest strategy.

Persona - Storytelling - Customer lifecycle - Internal processes - SMART objectives



Define your Buyers Personas

We work with our clients to accurately identify and qualify their target audience. The definition of your Buyers Personas allows us to segment your target audience and your contact base according to their Pain Points. This is the starting point for targeted and effective marketing campaigns.


Build your conversion funnel

We help our customers to develop conversion funnels adapted to the buying behaviour of their targets.  

Having identified the steps in a prospect's decision process is the best way to optimize your chances of converting him or her into a customer.


Aligning teams

We support the marketing and sales teams in the implementation of efficient processes.

Achieving results requires synchronisation between departments. Success depends largely on the time between the identification of an opportunity (marketing) and its processing (sales).


Setting SMART objectives

We help our clients define Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound objectives.

Calculating relevant objectives helps to align strengths and prioritize actions.


Building on the existing

We always start by identifying the strengths and areas for improvement of your current strategy.

This gives us the opportunity to identify the opportunities that need to be seized in order to generate quick results.

They talk about us (in a good way)

" DigitaWeb possède de multiples expertises qui nous ont permis de mener à bien l'intégration de HubSpot et notre stratégie Inbound Marketing.


Nous avons réellement apprécié la qualité de nos échanges et l'implication de l'équipe ! "

Florent Chouvet, Head of Digital Marketing - Manpower


How to Reach Escape Velocity (French version only)

A guide to help your business take the next step and apply the Escape Velocity Method now.

For each of the 4 elements of the REV method, this e-book delivers a roadmap, quickly applicable best practices and time-saving tools.


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