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An enlightened Steering

Phase goal: Drive your strategy with the right data, tools and skills.

CRM - Dashboard - Business Intelligence - Recruitment - Employer branding



Build your Dashboard

Statistics never lie.

A dashboard is indispensable for companies that want to take a step forward. It guarantees your ability to remain flexible and adapt your strategy at any time.

We help you define SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based) that will allow you to prioritize your actions and realistically plan your growth.

We help you track the right KPIs and automate your reporting. Effective reporting is cross-functional, automated and regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).(hebdomadaire, mensuel, trimestriel, etc.).


Getting a CRM

Data is the link between your prospect and your organization.

Keep track of all interactions with your visitors, prospects and customers within a CRM. You will be able to better understand their needs, identify buying signals through their behavior on your site, and engage the conversation at the right time to optimize your chances.

Your prospects and customers hate repeating themselves.

Optimize the collaboration of Sales, Marketing and Support teams by centralizing information on a single platform. Provide your teams with the data they need to be relevant and useful at all times.


Recruit and train your teams

Difficulties recruiting talent? Need to add skills to your teams?

Many recruiters make the same observation: it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit talent. On the one hand qualified candidates are becoming scarce and increasing their requirements, on the other hand skills are becoming obsolete more quickly.

Develop your employer brand

To win the war for talent, knowing how to recruit innovatively is essential!

Continuous training of employees

Get the most out of the tools you adopt and keep your teams autonomous through training. Our experts pass on best practices and tips to help you use your tools to their fullest potential.

They talk about us (well)

" DigitaWeb possède de multiples expertises qui nous ont permis de mener à bien l'intégration de HubSpot et notre stratégie Inbound Marketing.


Nous avons réellement apprécié la qualité de nos échanges et l'implication de l'équipe ! "

Florent Chouvet, Head of Digital Marketing - Manpower


How to Reach Escape Velocity (French version only)

A guide to help your business take the next step and apply the Escape Velocity Method now.

For each of the 4 elements of the REV method, this e-book delivers a roadmap, quickly applicable best practices and time-saving tools.


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