Realization of a dynamic computer graphic to promote a service

Presentation of the company

iDTGV is a private-law subsidiary of the SNCF group selling TGV travel. These trips are called iDTGV. Tickets can only be purchased online. In 2015, iDTGV provided about thirty trips per day.



Type of activity

SNCF digital branch

Size of the company

70 employees

Initial need

In 2015, IDTGV entrusted us with the creation of a dynamic computer graphic to promote TGV transport versus low cost air travel and carpooling.


Having planned a classic computer graphic, we convinced them that adding real experience and dynamism would allow for more visibility and repercussions on ticket sales:


Our client that everyone knows has a dynamic and original communication that allows us to go far in terms of creativity. We were therefore particularly pleased to be able to assist them on this ambitious project, which required a lot of R&D in order to understand these new methods that few agencies have ever had the opportunity to implement at this level. We didn't count the hours, but we were driven by the enthusiasm of the project and the desire to see our ambition through to the end.
The dynamic infographic present a race between the 3 means of transport favoured today by the young (and not so young) who travel in France: carpooling, iDTGV and airplane. The characters of iDTGV are called the TOYS for those who do not know it yet, I also invite you to discover the Facebook application ToysSaga which includes all this colorful and animated world. You can choose a TOY of your choice and the race is naturally called the ToysRace!
This dynamic infographic is, in my opinion, one of the most complex I have seen in a while. The number of elements and actions that are synchronized is quite large. We used almost exclusively the SVG format for reasons of fluidity, scalability and weight. So the infography is filled with vectorial objects that move in the XY plane at different levels along the Z axis and at different speeds and directions.


The dynamic infographic has been a great success and has led to the following results:



By its very nature, the operation must have an impact, the traffic is up to expectations with more than 60,000 unique visitors during the first week.


Mobile Views

Mobile visitors (37% of visitors over the first month) respond present and machine limitations are not an obstacle for the vast majority of tablet and smartphone users.


Social sharing

Social networks are used to viralize animated infographics and we get more than 1600 shares on social networks. The playful and gamified format is particularly viral.

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