Accelerating the acquisition of new talent with Inbound Recruiting

Presentation of the company

SQLI is the European leader in the connected experience, partner of the major brands that choose digital and customer/user experience.

Its unique positioning at the confluence of marketing and technology enables it to provide a global response to the challenges of sales development and brand awareness (digital & social marketing, customer journey, connected sales, data intelligence...) as well as to the challenges of productivity and internal efficiency ( digitalization of operations, collaborative enterprise, mobility and connected objects, CRM...).

Its 2,400 employees work in 32 agencies in 12 countries: France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, South Africa and Morocco.

In 2017, the SQLI Group generated revenues of €212 million. Since July 21, 2000, SQLI has been listed on Euronext Paris (SQI).



Type of activity

Digital agencies (Group)

Company size

2400 employees

Initial need

With 2,400 employees in France and abroad spread over 17 agencies, SQLI - like many ESNs - attributes strategic importance to its recruitment strategy. The Group's success is based on attracting and hiring new talent to offer its clients.

The highly competitive market in terms of recruitment pushes SQLI to reinforce its strategy and to equip itself with high-performance tools to attract, qualify and recruit the best candidates.


In order to meet the challenges of SQLI, our agency has deployed a complete Inbound Recruiting system:


Full creation of a website in Responsive Design.
Implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy (buyers persona, redesign of the sections and the candidate path).
Implementation of a specific SEO strategy for recruitment and news feeds from the brand's different sites.
Integration with the advertisement and candidate management tool.

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