Recruiting New Talent through Inbound Recruiting

Presentation of the company

IT Link, the first Digital Services Company specialising in connected systems.

For 35 years, IT Link has been innovating alongside major players in industry and services.

IT Link's mission: to make connected systems evolve in order to optimise and create the products and services of today and tomorrow.

IT Link provides consulting, technical assistance and expertise, development packages and service centres for all project phases: studies, implementation and operation.



Type of activity

Digital Services Company (DSC)

Company size

550 employees

Initial need

In the war for talent that is raging, especially for ESN consultant positions, inbound recruiting is the ideal weapon to meet recruitment objectives. Is supplanting competition in the long term the target? The implementation of an adapted HR marketing allows this goal to be achieved.


The 360° accompaniment on the recruitment strategy of IT Link (ESN, specialist in industrial connected systems) included the creation of a Career Site, the creation of a Blog and the construction of the adapted inbound recruiting strategy:


Development of an Inbound Recruiting strategy that prioritized actions to attract new talent, promote the employer brand and follow up on candidates.
Implementing a strategy of creating high value-added content and broadcasting it on the appropriate media has made it possible to increase the group's digital presence while at the same time disseminating a strong identity that is retained by the candidates.
Creation of a Blog around the site to ensure communication around the employer brand. The site was also designed to propose job offers.


The various actions put in place have led to the following results:


CVs received

via the forms set up and the optimization of job offers.


Contacts generated

via inbound recruiting techniques, in 4 months.


Number of visitors

from all sources in three months.

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