A strategy of acquisition and nurturing to (re)qualify prospects

Presentation of the company

Orson is a website builder solution that allows its users to create efficient and elegant websites without code.



Type of activity

Software editor

Company size

9 employees

Initial need

Orson is a software editor in SaaS model, it allows its users to create an efficient website by themselves, without code.

Operating in a fast-growing market where competition is already present, Orson wanted to implement an effective strategy to attract new users.


The campaign was built around downloadable premium content aimed at a wide audience. It aimed to attract new potential users and learn more about the needs and issues of different prospect profiles.


Development of an Inbound Marketing strategy that made it possible to prioritize conquest marketing actions with mature targets and to offer a long-term vision for secondary targets.
Implementation of marketing actions aimed at mature prospects and the reactivation of the existing prospect base.
Deployment of marketing automation in order to improve reactivity and "scaling" the processing of solicitations from prospects and customers, thus optimizing team productivity.


The campaign made it possible to generate the following statistics in one month:


New contacts

The downloads have allowed to enrich the prospect base and to collect objective information on the different user profiles.


Conversion rate (excluding advertising)

on the landing page asking the visitor to fill in a form to proceed with the download (average conversion rate: 15%)


Email opening rate

The emails presenting the offers and additional content have been massively opened.

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